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The broiler is an essential part of many commercial kitchens. Some businesses build their entire company around the ability to broil. Burger King, for example, sets themselves apart from the countless other fast food restaurants based on their "flame broiled" burgers. Numerous other restaurants even have the phrase in their name. The modern broiler is a true workhorse and the cornerstone of many successful commercial food companies.

Keeping your broiler in proper working condition is an absolute necessity. Modern broilers can take many forms from the salamander, cheesemelter, traditional stationary broiler, char-broiler, vertical broiler and other variations. There are also gas, electric, wood-fired and infrared versions. In essence all broilers share a common goal, to cook food precisely and efficiently.

Commercial Broilers

One of the staples of modern cooking has become the broiler. Broilers cook food on one side at extremely high temperatures, and though the charbroiler is the primary broiler featured in many kitchens, it is not the only broiler on the market, nor is it the only broiler that may make an appearance in any given kitchen. There are numerous types of broilers on the market today. Megatec can service all types of broilers.

Charbroilers are the most common type of broiler today. The charbroiler is the indoor version of an outdoor grill, and the evolution of grilling. Charbroilers cook at high heat (most cooks usually heat them in excess of 450°F) on steel or cast iron grates with raised edges; these grates get hotter than the air around them and etch black char marks on foods prepared on them. They are one of the most common way to prepare meats, especially steaks, however can be used to roast item including peppers, tomatoes, corn, or other vegetables. There are different types of charbroilers including: Radiant Gas Broiler, Lava Rock Broiler, Wood Fired Broilers, Electric Charbroilers and Infrared.

Salamanders & Cheesemelters are a top-down variety of broiler. They feature high temperature direct heat coming from the top of their baking chamber, and are just as usable as a finishing oven. Since they cook from the top, salamanders are a perfect way to drain the fat off of cooking meats. Salamanders are often affixed with branding grills to give meats cooked in them grill marks, or rotisseries for chicken or gyros. They are typically around half the size of a conventional oven, and most can be wall mounted or mounted on top of a range. A cheesemelter is similar to a salamander, however they differ in several ways: Cheesemelters have an open front, aren't typically as hot and are traditionally used only as a finishing oven, not to cook.

Vertical / Gyro Broilers are commonly called a gyro broiler because they feature a rotating spit, and are the most common tool used to prepare gyro or shawarma. This slow roasting broiler cooks with an open high heat element, which covers around 180° of the meat’s rotation. These broilers stand upright, and though most models are small enough to fit on a countertop, many operations that cook large amounts of gyro or shawarma will have custom units fabricated. These broilers come in both gas and electric.

Outdoor Grills / Broilers are the old standard for broiling. Outdoor grills come in charcoal, natural gas, liquid propane, or wood burning models. Charcoal and wood fired grills cook hotter and with more flavor. Commercial outdoor broilers are nearly always portable, and range in size from small portable camp grills that can be carried, to incredibly large grills that are towable and capable of roasting an entire pig. Although they are traditionally meant to grill / broil, many outdoor grills have add-on features as well. Depending on what kind of outdoor catering is necessary, a larger grill may be needed to facilitate items such as portable hotplates, commercial griddle or steamer attachments.

Common Commercial Broiler Problems

Keeping your broiler in optimal condition saves you money on repair and replacement costs. We have identified the following problems that are common to commercial broilers. Our technicians will solve each of these problems and help in drawing up a maintenance schedule to ensure that they do not recur.

Not enough heat

Is your broiler not producing enough heat? There can be several reasons for this.

  • Low pressure in gas supply
  • Restriction in gas piping and/or valves
  • Misalignment of burner orifice tube
  • Clogged burner orifice
  • Incorrect burner orifice
Too much heat

Sometimes a broiler can produce too much heat. This is typically caused by one of two problems.

  • Incorrect orifice
  • Defective or incorrectly set pressure regulator.
Burner flame fluttering or has excessive blue haze

Is your flame the wrong color, or not cooking evenly?

  • Obstruction of combustion-air intake on rear of broiler
  • Exhaust gases blocked by objects sitting on top of broiler
  • Low pressure in gas supply
  • Misalignment of orifice tube
Burner flame popping (infrared broiler)

This is typically caused by cracked or loose ceramic

Slow (or no) burner ignition
  • Pilot flame out of adjustment
  • Pilot alignment out of adjustment
  • Thermocouple not in pilot flame (for units with the flame-failure option)
Pilot outage
  • Pilot flame out of adjustment
  • Draft condition
  • Pilot orifice clogged
  • Incorrect pilot orifice
  • Thermocouple not in pilot flame (for units with the flame-failure option)
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