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When you need a fryer nothing else will substitute. A deep fryer can cook in a way that nothing else can. In a commercial kitchen when your fryer breaks down it costs you money. At MegaTec we have the skills and experience to fix your fryer quickly and efficiently to get you back to dropping baskets of food in hot oil, and making money.

The deep fryer is a commercial kitchen appliance that cooks food by allowing you to submerge it in hot oil. Fryers are used in many commercial kitchens from a 5-star hotel to a shopping mall food court, a catering company or even a food truck. Some foods can only be made on a fryer. From french fries, to tempura fryers really are indespensible.

Commercial Fryers

Commercial deep fryers varieties are larger than residential fryers and have more features. The standard fryers for commercial kitchens have larger oil chambers that allow room for frying more items at a go. The oil chambers are made of cast iron or stainless steel, but in some cases, you will find manufacturers using metal allows to make them lighter. The fryers have slotted spoons or nested baskets to place or remove the food safely from the oil pots while cooking.

Modern fryers are electrical, or gas powered ranging from countertop fryers to freestanding deep fryers. Large units of commercial deep fryers have one or more removable baskets making them self-contained countertop units.

Commercial Countertop Fryers are much smaller allowing their use on a countertop whenever you need to deep fry food items. They have an insulated oil chamber that holds the cooking oil, and this allows them to maintain the oil at the desired temperatures. Some manufacturer’s places lids while others omit them, which allow easy access when preparing a large order. The chamber is removable for easy cleaning and carrying out fryer repairs.Infrared.

Freestanding Deep Fryers have a capacity of over 10 gallons of oil, and they are ideal for commercial kitchens with huge orders, mainly fast food establishments. The frying baskets have insulated handles are designed to avoid the user getting burns while in use.

Oil Drainage System This is a key aspect to consider when selecting a commercial fryer for purchase. Models with an oil drainage system ease the removal of the oil through an outlet as opposed to tilting the fryer or using containers to haul out the used oil.

Common Commercial Fryer Problems

Keeping your commercial fryer in optimal condition saves you money on repair and replacement costs. We have identified the following problems that are common to commercial fryers. Our technicians will solve each of these problems and help in drawing up a maintenance schedule to ensure that they do not recur.

Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

A malfunctioning pilot light is one of the most common commercial kitchen woes and prohibits your fryer burners from heating up.

  • A broken thermopile is the likely cause here. Whatever you do, don’t take this matter into your own hands. Instead, allow a trained professional to help by contacting a technician who can remove the defective thermopile from the pilot and replace it safely.
Burners are Burning Out

If you turn your gas deep fryer burner knobs and notice that flames aren’t igniting all around, or at all, this is likely due to clogged burner orifices.

  • Turn off the flame - you don’t want to fry your hands!
  • Use a wire brush to clean out lint and other debris from the burner orifices
  • Relight the flame
  • If it still isn’t lighting properly, give our trained technicians a call
Temperature Won’t Stay Controlled

Every kitchen manager knows that fryer oil must be at just the right temperature to cook fried food properly. So if fryer oil is too cool or too hot, your French fries will either come out soggy or burnt to a crisp.

  • Use the thermostat to check the fryer oil temperature
  • If it doesn’t stay set to the temperature you’d like, the thermostat may be out of calibration
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