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Whether you want to offer a grown-up version of grilled cheese or a signature sandwich all your own, the easiest, fastest way to make grilled sandwiches is to use a commercial panini press. They have many names—panini grills, panini presses, sandwich presses, and more—and there are just as many choices as names.

The uses of panini presses are as varied as the machines themselves. You can use them for sandwiches, grilling small quantities of meat, melting quesadillas, or even cooking vegetables!

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Commercial Panini Grills

The uses of panini presses are as varied as the machines themselves. You can use them for sandwiches, grilling small quantities of meat, melting quesadillas, or even cooking vegetables! There are a lot of different types of panini grills.

Panini grills use different materials for the cooking surface. Each material has it's pros and cons. The plate material can come in one of three options

Aluminum is great for applications where the unit is needed only intermittently. Since it heats up quickly and has a fast recovery time, a unit with aluminum plates can be turned off between uses for energy savings.

Cast Iron is perfect for establishments that use a panini grill continuously. Not only does cast iron provide constant, even heat, but it holds on to heat longer for more consistent results and can become stick-resistant when properly seasoned!

Non-stick is a great choice for health-conscious businesses looking to reduce oil and fat used in cooking! For intermittent use in small eateries, non-stick works similarly to aluminum with the bonus of being easy to clean.

Commercial sandwich grills come in several different grill plate configuration options. Grooved plates, smooth plates, or any combination of the two to suit the types of foods you are going to produce.

Grooved Top and Bottom Provides grill lines on the top and bottom of the food product to add visual appeal to panini sandwiches and grilled meats

Smooth Top and Bottom Complete contact with the food product cooks evenly and provides a griddle effect—perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches!

Grooved Top and Smooth Bottom Provides greater versatility since the bottom plate can be used as a griddle or warmer. When needed, just close the top plate to get those attractive grill marks.

Dual Grooved and Smooth The ultimate in versatility, dual units have split lids with grooved plates on one side and smooth plates on the other. This type of machine is perfect for high-volume applications where one piece of equipment needs to perform multiple tasks.

Single vs. Dual There are benefits to both types of units. A single panini grill takes up less space than a double, but the split top plate of a double allows you more versatility. With a double grill you can cook different food items at once, even if they don't require the same amount of cooking time!

Common Commercial Panini Grill Issues

Industrial panini makesr like any other commercial appliance are liable to break down; however, they are built to withstand various food items and all-day usage. Over the course of five years, we have identified the following problems that arise in commercial panini grills.

Panini Press not Heating Up

The Panini Press generates heat from heating elements that are located underneath the cooking surfaces. If one or both of the cooking surfaces are not heating up, follow these steps.

  • Check that wall outlet has power
  • Check panini press's plug wiring
  • Check wiring to the heating element
Cooking surface will not close securely

The cooking surface will close but will not lock in place and comes open when the press is moved around.

  • Check the locking knob
  • There may be a problem with the closing latch
Indicator lights will not light up

Both cooking surfaces heat up but one of the indicator lights will not light up.

  • There may be broken bulb
  • The thermal switch may need to be replaced
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