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Ranges and ovens are the heart of any commercial kitchen. You can't really cook a meal without them. The range gets the most use of any appliance in a commercial kitchen, it is also relied upon to keep the kitchen running smoothly. It is essential to keep your range in proper working condition. MegaTec Equipment Services has technicians with the training and experience to solve your issues quickly and keep your kitchen peaceful and profitable.

Keeping your range in good working condition is essential in ensuring that you get the best service from the range as well as maintaining high safety standards for your employees and customers. At MegaTec, we have built a reputation for giving the best range installation, repairing, and maintaining ranges service. We provide various range services in the Vancouver area.

Commercial Ranges

Commercial ranges are powerful, versatile components of a professional kitchen. There are several differences compared to home cooktops. Commercial ranges have more cooking space, and are designed for constant use. They also provide faster and more reliable cooking times. We service all types of ranges including gas and electric models.

The three main types are Restaurant Ranges, Heavy Duty and Specialty Ranges.

Restaurant Ranges are what you see in most commercial kitchens. They are typically standalone appliances with a built in oven. Compared to home stoves restaurant ranges have increased BTU output and heavier construction. Restaurant ranges come in a wide variety of widths, often wok burners and griddles are standard.

Heavy Duty Ranges are designed for high-volume applications. They are constructed from heavy gauge stainless steel and often combine with gas appliances as well as heavy duty range hoods (ADD LINK).

Specialty Ranges are designed for specific uses such as wok, taco ranges, and stockpots to name a few applications. Specialty ranges are often combined with other appliances such as salamander broilers, cheese melters, storage bases and oven bases (ADD LINKs).

Common Commercial Range Problems

Keeping your range in optimal condition saves you money on repair and replacement costs. We have identified the following problems that are common to commercial ranges. Our technicians will solve each of these problems and help in drawing up a maintenance schedule to ensure that they do not recur.

Pilot Light Does Not Stay Lit In a Gas Range

A pilot light that doesn't stay lit can drive a kitchen manager crazy. This will often result in undercooked food or burners that won't stay lit.

  • Defective Thermocouple: This is the most likely culprit. A failing thermocouple must be replaced.
  • Failing Safety Valve: If the thermocouple has been replaced the safety valve is the next most likely cause.
  • Blocked Gas Line: A blockage in the gas line could cause the pilot light to go out.
  • Burnt Fuse or Blown Elements: Components of the range can cause the pilot to go our. Our technicians know how to diagnose these issues.
Electric Burner Won't Turn On

If one or more of the surface elements won't torn on or won't turn off the problems is usually with the switch or fuse.

  • Surface Element Switch: The surface element switch controls power to the surface element coil. Try switching the elements around if possible. If the new element doesn't work than you likely have a malfunctioning surface element switch.
  • Surface Element Board: The surface element board regulates the supply of power to the stove burners. The surface board can contain one, or several relays. If any of them fail the entire board can malfunction. The surface board should be tested with a multimeter for continuity.
  • Coil Surface Element: Make sure that your coil surface element is pushed fully into its socket. Look for signs of damage on the element and connections. Test the coil surface element with a multimeter for continuity.
  • Radiant Surface Element: The radiant surface element is the heating element itself and it can burn out just like a light bulb. It can be tested with a multimeter.

There are a few main culprits and most likely its the spark ignition switch. Each element has a spark ignition switch. Check the spark ignition switches with a multimeter at all positions to test for continuity.

Gas Leakage

Call a profession technician immediately:likely causes are that your gas relay tubes become worn, or you have a faulty gas cylinder.

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