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Just like the range, the oven is one of the core components of a commercial kitchen. From a bakery to a steakhouse, an oven is essential. MegaTec Equipment Services has appliance repair service technicians with the training and experience to solve your issues quickly and keep your kitchen peaceful and profitable.

Keeping your range in good working condition is essential in ensuring that you get the best service from the range as well as maintaining high safety standards for your employees and customers. At MegaTec, we have built a reputation for giving the best range installation, appliance repair, and maintaining ranges service. We provide various appliances services in the Vancouver area.

Commercial Ovens

Commercial ovens are the heart of the kitchen. They’re used for familiar purposes that include roasting, baking, and heating or reheating. This diverse category includes traditional gas and electric, convection, and accelerated cooking ovens. Others include conveyor, pizza, and rotating rack ovens, all with gas and electric fuel sources. Combination ovens let cooks do such things as bake, fry, grill, steam, boil or poach with a single appliance.

Ovens can be full size, countertop or specialty and can be gas or electric.

Full Size Ovens are large and can handle the demands of a full-scale commercial kitchen. They produce a lot of head and are designed for high-volume applications. They are constructed from heavy gauge stainless steel and are often combined with commercial cooktops and ranges.

Countertop Ovens As their name indicates, countertop ovens are designed to fit on a kitchen countertop. Some units in this category feature a conveyor system that carries food through the oven interior. Other units feature a convection system that relies on a fan to distribute heat evenly throughout an enclosed cooking area.

SpecialtyOvens are designed for specific uses such as pizza, sandwich buns and other applications. Pizza grills can also sit on the countertop or be any larger size up to the big stone bake pizza ovens. Toasters and conveyor ovens can also be found in space-saving countertop formats.

Common Commercial Oven Problems

Keeping your oven in optimal condition saves you money on repair and replacement costs. We have identified the following problems that are common to commercial ovens. Our technicians will solve each of these problems and help in drawing up a maintenance schedule to ensure that they do not recur.

Cooking food Unevenly

If you notice that your food is toasted better in one area than the other, then call the repair team to check on your oven. The main cause of uneven cooking is faulty heating elements and the temperature sensors. If the thermostat of your oven has recently been replaced, it could cause uneven food cooking. The thermostat has capillary that has clips which hold the bulb into place and if not well placed the oven will cook unevenly

  • Heating Elements: confirm whether it’s working preheats the oven and check whether the heating elements are glowing. The resistance of the temperature sensor should rise as the temperature of the oven rises. If the elements and sensors are not working the commercial appliance repair expert will replace them.
  • Rack Position: Make sure the racks and the cookware are well positioned as that could also lead to the uneven cooking of food.
Pilot Light Does Not Stay Lit In a Gas Oven

A pilot light that doesn't stay lit can drive a kitchen manager crazy. This will often result in undercooked food or burners that won't stay lit.

  • Defective Thermocouple: This is the most likely culprit. A failing thermocouple must be replaced.
  • Failing Safety Valve: If the thermocouple has been replaced the safety valve is the next most likely cause.
  • Blocked Gas Line: A blockage in the gas line could cause the pilot light to go out.
  • Burnt Fuse or Blown Elements: Components of the range can cause the pilot to go our. Our technicians know how to diagnose these issues.
Oven not Heating to the correct Temperature

If your oven is taking longer than usual to cook food, or getting way too hot? This is usually due to a faulty thermostat.

  • Solution: Call in the commercial appliance repair team and let them repair or replace the sensor. The technician will also check whether the sensor is touching the wall of the oven and then recalibrate the sensor to ensure its working well.
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